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Roundish, fragrant orbs of mythical dimensions  - there is something to be said for savagely biting into and devouring them, but… doing so while performing other tasks, while thinking of completely different things is a loss that cannot be measured. Try this instead: begin by smelling the unique fragrance of a specific variety, the one that has just now entered your life, touch it gently, exploring every nuance, every bump, every curve, place it on a nice dish with a beautiful knife and savor the view before you do anything else, enjoy the still life in front of you. Start by halving  it gently, unwrapping  its fragile peel like undressing a silk night gown, very slowly,  following it slow and gentle fall to the ground  while observing the different colors and patterns it pleads into. Continue by smoothly cutting slim slices of the barren fruit, placing each slice close to the next onto the plate. Choose the first slice with intent, then really let the tongue and the nose* explore all of its flavors, textures, its delicate perfume …

(* did you know that we’re the only mammals on this planet – so far – that can smell what is inside the mouth?)


… is good for you, but you shouldn’t drink it with pancakes! Citrus fruits with anything else, in fact, are a big mistake. Why?

Tell me. How do you feel after drinking orange juice together with toast, granola, eggs, tomatoes, melons - all in one meal? Sit for a minute and really listen. Does it feel like something you want to repeat?


This is a Saturday completely on my own. Strange feeling. Time to watch a tutorial or two. Time to drink coffee without being yelled at. Or, at least, being told it isn’t good for me. 

Time to learn.

So I recently learned that a few cups of coffee a day can prevent dementia in old age. Cream or sugar? Read the rest of this entry »


I love to skate. I love the feeling of gliding inexplicably (for science truly cannot explain why ice skating really works*) on smooth sheets of frozen water. My girlfriend tried that shortly after Christmas and - broke her leg.

Today I had the opportunity to feel the screw. In her leg. Underneath her skin. Holding her leg together!!!


(* see “Sources” for more information!)


Tomatoes are my personal favorite, imagine a sun-ripened, bursting red tomato with a few basil leaves and very aromatic green virgin olive oil, a few specks of salt and a quarter turn of a fresh peppermill. Just that.


Ballroom dancing is a delicate balance between a man and a woman. The man leads. He literally guides the woman the entire time. Shows her where to go. She follows. Without question, with aplomb, and with many a spin in most dances. How does a girl like me get there? When the push-me, pull-you life taught me to cultivate as a business and professional person collides drastically with the “look mom, no hands! no clue! no guidebook!” life more or less dumped on me as a lover, friend and parent? When the rules on the dancefloor adhere to completely different (and strict) patterns? Hold both your head and your arms up, be pliant but firm, supple but strong, follow his will that guides you softly, the weight of a feather on your fingertips. Trust him. Trust him. Let him lead. Trust him again.

I must confess, I’m still learning – and wondering how something like that can be possible.


Quite typical. We started our blog with a great, great film.

The blog has since moved servers, there have been many financial and natural disasters, still not a decent bit of health care legislation in the US and scores of other things happening that don’t necessarily contribute to a heightening of the overall happiness of the populus of the planet.

Take copyright prohibition, for one. You, dear artist(s), make a film. It’s a great thing. You’re proud of it. You protect it. You stuff it away on some obscure blog/website or give it to some network, agent or dealer in the hopes that you will get 0.10 cents per view. Or more. It is, after all, your work. And you deserve that Bentley, for Pete’s Sake!! You DO!!! But of course you do. They are not called “royalties” for nothing!!

Fact is: now, no one will see what you do. And the less people know of you, the fewer chances of any revenue whatsoever. If you schmooze enough in LA, you MAY get nominated for a “best short video” Oscar, but who really wants to spend that much time in LA? And come one, best short video?? Please. But hey, whatever. Go for it. There are plenty of people out there with video cameras (in essence, every teen with an iPod these days) and I do so look forward to them using them. Often. Just as creatively. Passionately. Freely. And releasing their work as easily for our enjoyment as they released soap bubbles to the sky at the age of two.

As the world turns…


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