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The calamities of the past weeks, large and small, are forcing a slow-down. Multi-tasking, while not to be purged from daily life in 2011, is more automatized. We are less involved in everything because of the cloud of impermanence wafting around our eyes and ears even while we surf through kinky internet lingerie departments while sitting in the dementia ward in a po-dunk facility for the elder. Bless her blind and aging heart, she sings Ave Maria while we give silent thumbs up (or down) on latex and leather. We do this knowing that, had things been different for her, she might have had some of these articles stored in her closets, too. We do this knowing full well that some day, our next-of-kin will be pulling all sorts of toys from our drawers while our bacterial decomposing sets in.

While I earn money teaching about identity, I keep re-positioning my own. Are we striving for more purpose? Purity? Peace? What is the underlying motive of so many people willing to surrender by risking everything. What a beautiful, blissful strength that gesture alone represents: letting go of all of it where to buy viagra over the counter. Come what may, ce sera sera


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