Excuse me Seth Godin. Even EXCEPTIONAL Designers (and though I won’t name any names, you know who they are flagyl 400…) are going through what this video so excellently shows. 

Look for us now disguised as massage therapists, taxi drivers and tap dancers.


2 Responses to “The State of Design”

  • Hey, that’s exactly the video I’m using for quite a while in order to make design(ers) students understand what the world ‘outside’ is longing for ;-))

    Will actually use it again this Thursday! … and yes, thanks for keeping this blog alive!

  • awaketoday:

    Actually, it may have been you that pointed me to it ;-) – so thanks for that! I use it with my students, too, with one slight difference: to make them understand how the world “outside” simply IS - and that they have to be very skilled rhetoric warriors in addition to designers to convince these too-powerful yet aesthetically underdeveloped decision-making marketing departments. Designers need to be able to say “No, I’m not doing that. That is poor design. Period.” If they lose the client, they drive a taxi until they find one who listens. ;-)

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