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Roundish, fragrant orbs of mythical dimensions  - there is something to be said for savagely biting into and devouring them, but… doing so while performing other tasks, while thinking of completely different things is a loss that cannot be measured. Try this instead: begin by smelling the unique fragrance of a specific variety, the one that has just now entered your life, touch it gently, exploring every nuance, every bump, every curve, place it on a nice dish with a beautiful knife and savor the view before you do anything else, enjoy the still life in front of you. Start by halving  it gently, unwrapping  its fragile peel like undressing a silk night gown, very slowly,  following it slow and gentle fall to the ground  while observing the different colors and patterns it pleads into. Continue by smoothly cutting slim slices of the barren fruit, placing each slice close to the next onto the plate. Choose the first slice with intent, then really let the tongue and the nose* explore all of its flavors, textures, its delicate perfume …

(* did you know that we’re the only mammals on this planet – so far – that can smell what is inside the mouth?)


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