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Ballroom dancing is a delicate balance between a man and a woman. The man leads. He literally guides the woman the entire time. Shows her where to go. She follows. Without question, with aplomb, and with many a spin in most dances. How does a girl like me get there? When the push-me, pull-you life taught me to cultivate as a business and professional person collides drastically with the “look mom, no hands! no clue! no guidebook!” life more or less dumped on me as a lover, friend and parent? When the rules on the dancefloor adhere to completely different (and strict) patterns? Hold both your head and your arms up, be pliant but firm, supple but strong, follow his will that guides you softly, the weight of a feather on your fingertips. Trust him. Trust him. Let him lead. Trust him again.

I must confess, I’m still learning – and wondering how something like that can be possible.


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