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This was breakfast. It may seem like an ordinary pastry and coffee, but I assure you, it is not. The coffee is ordinary enough, though the machine at the office that produced it cost about the equivalent of a compact car. The pastry was done by a little shop that makes all of their delicacies by hand, the good old French way. Little tarts and perfect croissants, brioche, and this little spiral beauty with no, not just raisins, but Black Corinth raisins. For the few minutes it takes to devour this, a person is transported to a seventh heaven you would never think possible in an office environment - and with witnesses to boot. It takes a few extra minutes to walk the extra mile to get to the shop (parking isn’t available), but the road to ecstasy often involves detours…


This is a Saturday completely on my own. Strange feeling. Time to watch a tutorial or two. Time to drink coffee without being yelled at. Or, at least, being told it isn’t good for me. 

Time to learn.

So I recently learned that a few cups of coffee a day can prevent dementia in old age. Cream or sugar? Read the rest of this entry »


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