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When you slow down the speed by a factor of 10 suddenly every movement becomes so gracious and elegant. Weightlessness is often depicted in films in slow motion giving the visual impression of floating, it actually isn’t slow when you watch astronauts at work while spinning around our home base. Time and our perception of speed remain the most perplexing entities all of our experiences are based upon. We do have an approximate notion of the time it took our universe to get to this point but we can only try to get a grasp of the dimension by comparing it to for example 1 year of our life. We realize that we cannot compare a year or even the length of our life or the time homo sapiens exists with the billion of years that the planet we call our home and we stand on every second has already endured.

Time & Space:


I love to skate. I love the feeling of gliding inexplicably (for science truly cannot explain why ice skating really works*) on smooth sheets of frozen water. My girlfriend tried that shortly after Christmas and - broke her leg.

Today I had the opportunity to feel the screw. In her leg. Underneath her skin. Holding her leg together!!!


(* see “Sources” for more information!)


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