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Quick rundown for non-German-speakers: Anke Engelke is sorta like Germany’s Tiny Fey. Top-notch comedian. The summary of this skit is that the girl and guy meet up (you sorta assume they’ve met each other on an Internet dating site) and he starts up the conversation, real cool, having been there, done that, very versed in all matters sexual. She proceeds to pick up his ball (no pun intended) and run with it, citing her version of the Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality from top to bottom and back, not missing a nuance (well, I noticed nothing missing ;-). We see what happens to … er, him …

(Another copyright dilemma. So sorry.)


While we’re on the subject of sex, dongs and the like, and while we’re giving the platform to one of the most lovely, smart, sassy and sexy evolutionary biologists ever to grace the planet (and may I have the luck to have a drink with her some day…), let’s continue to quote her and link to her, shall we?

This is an article entitled “A Commitment Pill?” from The Wild Side blog from the NYT on Sept. 16, 2008. We have to wait until summer or fall for more recent stuff from Olivia because she’s out bonk… er, on sabbatical? Well, gone somewhere, doing something.

And I quote:

A couple of weeks ago, the arginine vasopressin receptor 1a gene sprang into notoriety: in a just-published study of Swedish couples, variation in this gene was found to be associated with difficulties, for men, in maintaining long-term monogamous relationships. Which suggests the following mischievous thought: could such restlessness be cured one day?



I just love British humor, now here’s how to talk about sex, penises, orgasms and the like, funny, entertaining and light! So common gals and guys, it’s just nature playing games on us all, who cares what x does to y because w loves m, or scientist b discovers a for the sake of c to improve d because f is much more profound than t - it’s all about perpetuating our species, so let’s get at it! ENJOY! .. and don’t leave your dong behind… you may want to recycle it one day…

I cannot express enough my complete exhasperation and sadness at the loss of this video. A brilliant piece of work from a wise, lovely lady. Certainly with her copyrights now duly protected, she is certainly enjoying a spot of luxurious living somewhere in Tahiti – or so we hope – where the grapes of plenty literally fall into her mouth while she is vigorously and orgasmically penetrated from below. Lucky girl! Good for you!!

Note: type Olivia Judson and maybe you’ll get lucky, too!


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